altough being the art director of this rebranding, it wouldn’t have turned out as cool as it did without the rest of the team: marta & victoria
this video is the conceptualization of the rebranding.

its making and edit ofwas made by victoria hernández, the team’s videographer.
actual welcome cards guests recieve upon arrival to their villa.
we were involved as consultants -there is an interior design team actually pulling our ideas together.
utopic Villa
a permanent vacation feeling.
This is the rebrand for utopic villa, a luxury short-term rental company with properties on california, miami, arizona and san sebastian.
being a short-term rental company on “vacational” destinations, the new brand concept revolves around selling the “vacation feeling” across the experience, regardless of the season or the location.
The sun, cocktails, a pool - These were all elements we took from the environement and incorporated them into the brand to create its essence.
the premise was that, altought you’d have the best experience at our villas, you could get a glimpse of that vacation through the graphics and the social media content.
the first thing you set when going out on vacation is the destination, so we wanted our locations to be one of the key aspects of the brand.
coming from the “hotel’s stars” concept, all the icons are flower-based and are representative of each city.
getting to be involved in the early stages of each villa, allowed us to take part in the personification of each house throught the deco.
the goal was always to highlight each vila’s main features while maintaning a homey vibe to make it personal for each of the guests.
as we wanted the brand and the villas to be a sensorial experience, we wanted to not just have great visuals, but to create a whole atmosphere.
This meant creating sensorial moodbards and curating songs for each of the villa’s so you could get a grasp of the vibe before booking your next vacation.
A close shot of someone in a bathrobe, holding a cup of coffee
An Instagram story templateAn Instagram story templateAn Instagram story template
A welcome card over a bed
A close-up picture of some coasters witth the location logos
A living room
A moodoard with 5 photos: a dinning room, a pool, a house with palm tress, a cactus and some grass
A ranch in the Joshua Tree dessert at sunset
an Instagram postan Instagram postan Instagram postan Instagram postan Instagram postan Instagram post
Utoic Villa logo