Here's more about the 36Dot project
36 days of type
an exploration into typography, 3d design and outer space.
36dot is a collaborative project started by nina sans and rafa goicochea in 2014.
each year, they challenge designers, artists and illustrators to shair their typographyc interpretation of the alphabet and share it online.
this is my entry for the 2022 edition.
it’s the abstraction of the glyphs to primal shapes, contextualized in an unknown planet without mankind interference.
it’s also an exercise on perspective. Understanding that everything we need is out there, we just need to know how to search for it.
it’s all from the pov of astronauts / explorers discovering this new world, sort of like a double metaphor of humanity and my practical exploration on the 3d world.
more than a modelling excercise, it was more about creating an enviroment throught different plastic elements.
the textures, the lightning and the overall rendering were all made from scratch and worked on for several weeks until it became a “real” setting.
this video is the summary of the whole project, including the process and the finalized products.
36 days of type: letter E
01. modeling
02. textures & rendering
36 days of type: letter B (wireframe)36 days of type: letter B (render)36 days of type: letter B (render edit)36 days of type: letter B (final edit)
03. color correction
04. graphics
36 days of type: letter W36 days of type: number 3
36 days of type: eXploration logo